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Review: A Curse of Queens

Title: A Curse of Queens (Kingmaker Chronicles #4)
Author: Amanda Bouchet

Publisher: 4th October 2022 by SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca

Pages: 496 pages

Genre: fantasy, romance, mythology 

My Rating: 4 cups


Discover an all-new adventure in USA Today Bestselling author Amanda Bouchet’s thrilling, white-hot fantasy series, The Kingmaker Chronicles!

The queen has been cursed, and no one knows who’s behind the plot to threaten the realm’s fragile peace. Desperate to help, Jocasta hatches a plan to find Circe’s Garden, a fabled island where she hopes to discover an antidote. But she can’t do it alone. She needs the strong arm and unflinching bravery of the warrior she’s loved since childhood—her brother’s right-hand-man and captain of the guard, Flynn of Sinta.

Together they can do the impossible. Yet with treachery brewing on Mount Olympus, one thing is clear: Thalyria and its new royals are still pawns in an epic game of power—one that might end in a War of Gods.

My Thoughts

“You’ve been cursed.” There. She’d said it. She looked at Cat. Queen Catalia Thalyria now - and the closest thing Persephone had to a human daughter. “There’s powerful magic all over you. Not yours.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the series Kingmaker Chronicles (reviews HERE) and had hoped that Amanda would in time, venture back into this amazing world she created. She has! If you are a lover of fantasy and magic, romance and Greek mythology - then this is the series for you. Amanda has created an amazing world with super strong characters and action aplenty.

This book excitingly focuses on Jocasta and Flynn.  There is next to no time with the original Cat and Griffin from the original trilogy, but I was also thrilled to have a whole book dedicated to Jo and Flynn’s story. The cutest couple. The romance (and sex) was off the charts (as expected); the plot with its mythological elements was so good; the friendships and action scenes were strong and impactful. If you enjoyed the first books from the original trilogy, you are sure to love this one for sure.

“The woman who stepped in to save the day, despite the danger to herself. The woman who called everyone together and proposed a solution to a problem that could tear a kingdom and a family apart. The woman who made a plan when not even the gods had one.” Her sharp inhalation shuddered in her throat. She wiped a tear from her eye. “Let’s just hope my plan works.” “I’m done hoping.” Carver’s flat tone made her look up at him, hurt. “I believe instead.”

This has all the feels of the beginning of the continuation of Kingmaker Chronicles (thus this being #4) as there were some things unresolved. This book veered more towards being character driven with the plot taking second place. As I love Jo and Flynn I had no issue with this. I did love the inclusion of Circe’s Garden, the magic certainly was palpable.

I eagerly await the next book as I have strong suspicions it will be about a couple that will definitely burn up the pages! A Curse of Queens was the perfect addition to the Kingmaker Chronicles.

“That sounds like the right ending to this quest.” Flynn kissed her back, his brown eyes hopeful and warm. “And the perfect beginning to so much more.”

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. The quoted material may have changed in the final release.

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