Saturday, February 22, 2014

Welcome to Great Reads and Tea Leaves!

The only thing we love more than a great cup of tea is a really great book.
Great Reads and Tea Leaves was created to share that passion and to inspire
a love of reading in others by discussing and recommending the amazing books
we discover. So sit back and join us for a great read and a cuppa!


  1. Gorgeous blog girls! I can't wait to read your reviews and share thoughts with you!

    1. Took us three years A - but got you on board!

  2. What a great way to have a cup of tea together from opposite sides of the world! The blog looks lovely, I look forward to your thoughts and reviews!

  3. awww, there you are sweeties! as monique said, wonderful! wonderful! a great way to stay in touch and have a cup together! love you girls! xoxo nina

    p.s i can´t insert my blog here cause name/url is missing in comment options sniff!

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