Friday, January 22, 2021

Review: Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life

Title: Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life
Author:  Kate James

Publisher: 26th January 2021 by Pan Macmillan Australia

Pages: 290 pages

How I Read It: ARC book

Genre: non fiction, self help

My Rating: 5 cups



Many of us experience feelings of being stuck in the wrong life and disconnected from our true selves.

Australian mindfulness expert and bestselling author Kate James has coached thousands of clients in similar situations.

Now, in Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life, Kate introduces us to a range of techniques, based on her knowledge of mindfulness, positive psychology, ACT, creativity and neuropsychology, that will help us clarify our goals, realise our purpose and connect more fully with the wonder of life.

Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life will help you to:

- get to know yourself well

- overcome the thoughts and beliefs that inhibit inner peace and limit you in your life choices

- find your way to your version of a fulfilling life.

Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life is the perfect companion for negotiating transformation in an unsettled age.

My Thoughts

‘... when you change the relationship you have with yourself, you discover that there’s a whole different way of living in this world.’


January, more often than not, starts with a set of goals or intentions for people. As we embark on a new year, and after the lessons of last year, I highly recommend reading Kate’s book as a good place to start in making changes for the better in your life. There are so many books, videos and apps in the area of self help, but this little gem of a book really hit the spot for me. 


It became clear very early that Kate (and this is the first book of hers I have read) really has an amazing approach to life and a wealth of experiences that allow her to share some wise and profound insights whilst offering advice to her readers. This will certainly be a book that I go back to time and again as the practical questions and recommendations assist in providing that sense of balance and calm that we all seek.  


‘In many ways, the path to a meaningful life is uncomplicated. It’s about recognising that the short amount of time we get to spend on this earth is a blessing. And we need to make as much of it as we can.’

Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life has many practical ideas to not only assist you in finding a purpose but transform the way your overactive mind operates - to appreciate why it is you think certain thoughts and those that may in fact hinder a transformation to a happier way of being. I very much enjoyed the poignant stories from both Kate herself and her clients. Their honesty was clear and meaningful, making the messages real and accessible. This is all supported with well researched data and offerings for further study into some of the concepts. There is also a ‘workbook’ of sorts with questions to contemplate and reflect upon at the end of chapters, that allows the reader to put into practice or consider how one could effectively initiate some of the recommendations. 

‘It involves momentarily quieting your discursive thinking and putting aside your preference for things to be any other way than what they are. With this open and accepting mind state, we often find that it’s actually not that difficult to feel a greater sense of acceptance of our thoughts, our feelings and our lives.’

This is one of the best books of this genre that I have read. For many of the chapters I felt that Kate was speaking to me personally and I furiously highlighted certain passages. We are all on a path and to make it more enjoyable this book certainly offers refreshingly and positive ways to really enjoy your individual journey.  At a time when we may be feeling more disconnected than connected, Kate offers purposeful advice to take practical steps to lead a better life. 

‘Maybe the most significant lesson was the importance of finding beauty in everyday, ordinary things. We often work on our personal development goals thinking there’ll be an endpoint where we have it all figured out and where life will be rosy and happy. After losing Reneé, I realised that genuine contentment is learning to be right here - to embrace this flawed and imperfect and very brief life and to find a way to love every part of it. Something Reneé and I  had in common was a desire to make every day beautiful, regardless of our external circumstances.’

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The quoted material may have changed in the final release.

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