Sunday, August 24, 2014

GIVEAWAY: The Sharp Hook of Love by Sherry Jones (and more!)

Today we want to share some news with you about an upcoming release that we are very excited about. THE SHARP HOOK OF LOVE by Sherry Jones will be releasing October 7, 2014, and we have been fortunate enough to receive an advance copy! We can't wait to get started reading, and once you read the description we think you will see why!

The Sharp Hook of Love by Sherry Jones:

The first retelling of the passionate, twelfth-century love story since the discovery of 113 lost love letters between Heloise d’Argenteuil and Pierre Abelard—the original Romeo and Juliet.

He was the most famous philosopher in the world, a headmaster and a poet whose dashing good looks would make any woman swoon. She was Paris’s most brilliant young scholar, beautiful and wry, and his student. Forbidden by the church and society to love each other, these enchanting lovers defied all the rules to follow their own hearts and risk everything that mattered to them, including each other. An illicit child, a secret marriage, a vengeful uncle: nothing can come between them—until a vicious attack tears them apart forever…or does it?

Incorporating original text from their achingly beautiful love letters, this is the tale of Heloise and Abelard, whose love affair, like that of Romeo and Juliet, and Antony and Cleopatra, has become one of the greatest stories of all time. The Sharp Hook of Love is an imaginative, intimate, and erotic portrayal of the star-crossed lovers whose tale of passion and tragedy still touches hearts today.

Doesn't that sound just fabulous? Well, here is the best part...You have an opportunity to win a copy of your very own!


Sherry's publisher, Gallery Books (a division of Simon and Schuster) is giving away 30 copies of THE SHARP HOOK OF LOVE on Goodreads! So run on over there and sign up for a chance to win. The giveaway runs until September 4th, and this link will take you straight to the giveaway page:


And if one giveaway isn't enough, check this out!

Who doesn't love an evil queen? Sherry Jones is giving away 100 downloads of her popular e-novella WHITE HEART, about Blanche de Castille, the White Queen of France and the wicked mother-in-law in FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS. Sign up today for a Sept. 4 drawing!

"Great writing, superb research and colorful characters" -- Amazon review

So go and get signed up for your chances to win and then keep an eye out here for our upcoming review of The Sharp Hook of Love. GOOD LUCK!