Thursday, January 12, 2023

Review: Her Worthy Rake

Title: Her Worthy Rake
Author: Charlotte Anne

Publisher: 1st January 2023 by Escape Publishing

Pages: 288 pages

Genre: regency, romance

My Rating: 3 cups


Sparkling Regency romance full of wit, warmth and mystery from a fabulous new voice. If you like Georgette Heyer or all things Bridgerton, you'll love this. Is falling for this rake a mistake?

Owen Tattershall might not have a title or immeasurable wealth like other gentlemen of his ilk, but he does have rather excellent taste in the waistcoat department-and taste counts for a lot amongst the ton. It also doesn't hurt that his adopted mother is the dowager Marchioness of Faye and his kind-of-cousin is the Duke of Woodhal. Unfortunately, prestige didn't save his family from the ravages of war, and now what's left is held together by nothing more than heartbreak, hope and bravado. To keep his memories of the war at bay, Owen immerses himself in his work ... until the day Sophy Calder comes colliding into his life.

Sophy has been fending for herself ever since her twin brother was press ganged to fight against Napoleon's forces. But the war ended almost two years ago, and still he hasn't returned. Knowing something dreadful has happened, Sophy is determined to find her missing brother, even if it means infiltrating the world that snatched him from her. But when she encounters Owen, she quickly finds her growing attraction for the only man who's taken her seriously threatening her long-mastered control.

An addictive romp from start to finish, this delightful Regency romance is set in the world of The Unworthy Duke, but is a standalone read.

My Thoughts

‘A gentleman’s daughter she might be, but that mattered little now she was orphaned and unwed at the age of six and twenty, with little of her own but the charity of her missing brother, whose farm had not yielded a decent income for the last three years.’

Charlotte Anne’s debut,  The Unworthy Duke was such a fun read with a warning for purists that it was very much contemporary and not your classic regency tale. She has followed it up with Her Worthy Rake and it follows in very much the same vein. 

The premise was promising, however, it does not quite gel together in execution for me. Charlotte brings mystery and emotion to this particular historical romance yet the pacing was somewhat off and the story seemed to lose its way a bit at times. I am all for reimaginings but this one upped the ante in terms of contemporary regency adaptation to the extent that it left me undecided.

Regency fans need to investigate. This is the type of read - perfect for those in between, lighter literary needs - filled with mystery, steam and requisite angst to come together in creating an engaging tale for modernists. 

‘There’s an important reason why Sherry doesn’t want to be found, even by his sister.’

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. The quoted material may have changed in the final release.

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