Thursday, September 21, 2017

Interview with Jodi Perry of 'Nineteen Letters'

‘Nineteen Letters’ Q&A with Jodi Perry

Before I was an author I was . . . a full-time mother. I’ve always been a passionate reader and writing my own stories was something I aspired to do. When my son started school, I had a lot of spare time so I thought I’d give it a try.
The best part of writing Nineteen Letters was . . . I loved every part of this journey. It was not only the easiest book I’ve written but in my opinion it’s the best.
Nineteen Letters was inspired by . . . a story I saw on the television one morning. It was about a woman who had a car accident a week after her wedding. She hit her head on the steering wheel and had no memory of her wedding, so her husband recreated their special day. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth a few minutes later when the idea for Nineteen Letters came to me. I wrote the blurb in less than two minutes.

When I’m not writing I . . . spend time with my family and friends or travel the world for book signings and to meet my readers. I love the opportunities my writing career has given me.

The book that changed my life was . . . It wasn’t a book that I read, but rather a book I wrote. It rocketed straight to number one on release day – and it is what landed me my publishing contract with Hachette Australia. That story was translated into other languages and will always hold a special place in my heart.

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